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Finally the Scorpion is in stock! Order now one of just 500 Scorpions worldwide in the colors of...
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We are your central source for rollercoaster, fairground and themepark related products and sell roller coasters from Coasterdynamix and carousels from Mr. Christmas and Lemax.
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If you like Cedar Point, get your NanoCoaster about your favourite coaster now!You also find merchandise from manufactures like Mack Rides, Intamin, Vekoma and Gerstlauer at Coastershop.

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Week's Special Prater under construction Prater under construction
 more Info   Available
18,90 €*
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LEGO® compatible Cyclone Coaster - PRE-ORDER LEGO® compatible Cyclone Coaster - PRE-ORDER
Coasterdynamix LEGO® compatible coaster
 more Info   Available
164,99 €*
Scorpion Limited Edition Scorpion Limited Edition
 more Info   Available
Previous price: 274,99 €
now only
259,99 €*
World's Fair Grand Rollercoaster World's Fair Grand Rollercoaster
 more Info   Available
Previous price: 287,99 €
now only
257,99 €*
NanoCoaster Valravn Cedar Point NanoCoaster Valravn Cedar Point
 more Info   Available
Previous price: 49,99 €
now only
39,99 €*
Vekoma Polo-Shirt - Blue Vekoma Polo-Shirt - Blue
 more Info   Available
from 26,99 €*
The Shooting Star The Shooting Star
 more Info   Available
134,90 €*
JC Cable Car Play Set JC Cable Car Play Set
 more Info   Available
from 153,99 €*
JC Omega IV Cabin JC Omega IV Cabin
 more Info   Available
from 21,49 €*
T-Shirt 'Sunset Pier' Green T-Shirt 'Sunset Pier' Green
 more Info   Available
Previous price: 16,95 €
now only
from 9,99 €*
T-Shirt 'ECG' T-Shirt 'ECG'
 more Info   Low stock
from 14,90 €*
Just arrived!
Music Box Ferris Wheel Music Box Ferris Wheel
 more Info   Available
24,99 €*